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Treasure Lodge #95

A.F. & A.M of Montana

226 Johannes Ave E, Big Sandy, MT, 59520



Worshipful Master, Scott Blaine Guptill, 399-3664
Senior Warden, Donald Lee Pegar, 378-2415
Junior Warden,
Ron Baumann, PM
Treasurer, Glenn A. Ophus, 378-3249,

Secretary, Terry Jay Grant, 378-3246

Senior Deacon, Ray Sibra, PM

Junior Deacon, Alvin Bitz, PM

Chaplain, Glenn A. Ophus

Senior Steward, Clarence Baxter, PM

Junior Steward, Marvin Works, PM

Tyler, Paul O’Gorman, PM

Marshal, Bernard Deane Ellingson
Lodge Instructor, Bernard Deane Ellingson, 378-2578



Glenn A. Ophus


PO Box 517, Big Sandy, MT 59520


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(must be recommended by 2 Lodge members)



Scott Blaine Guptill

Worshipful Master


Event Schedule

Chartered on: September 17, 1914
Meeting Times: 3rd Tuesdays at 7:00pm, Sept-June


For reservations call 378-3249

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