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Ashlar Lodge #29

A.F. & A.M. of Montana

1101 Broadwater Ave, Billings, MT 59102

P.O. Box 21036, Billings, MT 59104-1036



Worshipful Master Peter V. Boothroyd, 281-0603c Senior Warden  Sean P. McDuffee, 254-0406h
Junior Warden David W. Curtis, (916) 790-0225
Treasurer Christopher W. Rubich, PM c 861-7983
Secretary Jason M. Smith
Senior Deacon Arnie E. Frovarp,
Junior Deacon Robert T. Pare, 861-4120c
Chaplain Dan Jobrack, PM (209) 598-0663
Senior Steward
John J. Hugdahl, 670-6411c

Junior Steward Kalman G. Tinka, IV (937) 416-6170
Tyler Adam L. Johnson, 431-9923c

Organist Phillip G. Angel 598-9080c
Instructor James W. Salsbury III, PM 698-3044c

Assistant Instructor Brice E. Ligget



SEC Jason M. Smith, PM
P.O. Box 21036, Billings, MT 59104-1036

406-861-3522 (C)

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Michael J. Welton

Worshipful Master



Ashlar No. 29 FACEBOOK Group

Event Schedule

2018 - 2019

Lodge Meetings 2nd Tuesdays all year

and 4th Tuesdays Sept. through May

Meals at 6:30 PM – Stated Meeting at 7:30 PM. Ritual work at 6:30 PM with meal break.

For dinner reservations call Secretary

*Events with an asterisk denote that they are open to the public


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