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From the Historic Lavina State Bank Building in Lavina Montana, situated on the second floor there is a more than 100 year old Masonic Lodge.  Proudly hanging from the walls are these three degree Lecture Scrolls. The set is dated with the label “Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1868 by John Sherer in the Clerk’s Office of the District Court of Ohio”

Each Lecture Scroll was carefully photographed in 4 sections, stitched together digitally, and reprinted and laminated. The original “age” cracks and spots were left intact to keep that authentic look.

Each Lecture Scroll is true to the original design and purpose and can be used as a visual aid for Lodge degree lecture work or simply displayed as Masonic art in your Lodge or display area. It measures at the full 46” x 30.75” size.

Each Lecture Scroll is $64.95 and includes shipping. The full set of three Lecture Scrolls is $174.95, passing the shipping savings on to you.


First Degree Lecture Scroll each at $64.95


Second Degree Lecture Scroll each at $64.95


Third Degree Lecture Scroll each $64.95



Set of all three Lecture Scrolls each set at $174.95



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